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Why do we call reports in Hand2Note smart?

Smart reports in Hand2Note are yet another tool to sharpen your exploitative strategy. By recognizing the stats you're most interested in, smart reports streamline your analysis and decision-making.

While this feature might not dramatically boost your win rate on its own, it's likely to make Hand2Note your preferred choice over other poker reporting software.

Basically, the reports are "smart" because Hand2Note figures out the stats you care about. When you select a filter, you're telling Hand2Note which spot you're looking for. Then, Hand2Note picks the stats that match that situation and shows them to you.

Let’s move on to the example.

1. Select the Reports tab.

Reports tab

Notice the stats in the report: VPIP, PFR, Amount Won and so on. These stats will change after you apply the filter in the next step.

2. Click the “+ Filter” button and select the Raise Continuation Bet Flop filter.

Raise continuation bet filter

3. The report shows up.

Raise continuation bet report

Notice that Hand2note has changed the stats for this report.

Obviously, when you select the 'Raise Continuation Bet' filter, you are likely not interested in stats like VPIP, PFR, Total Hands Played, or your hourly win rate. Instead, you would be interested in stats that are more closely related to raising a continuation bet, such as Fold to 3-bet, Check Turn, and so on.

Let’s talk about every stat one by one.

Report stats: hit

Hit shows how many hands hit the filter. I have 288 hands in my database where I raised a continuation bet.

Opp-s to hit stands for opportunities to hit. I have 2.4k hands where I faced a continuation bet and had an opportunity to raise it.

Hits per 1000 hands is a bit more interesting. It shows how often you find yourself in this situation. On average, I raise the continuation bet 3.3 times per every 1000 hands. In contrast, I make a continuation bet myself in 39 cases per 1000 hands. That's 10 times more often that I raise a continuation bet. Perhaps, I should spend more time studying situations that occur more frequently, like the continuation bet, rather than focusing on the raise.

Report stats: raise continuation bet stats

Raise Continuation Bet Flop shows the stat value based on the selected filter. In my case, I raised a continuation bet in 12% of cases.

All Villains Fold, Flop shows how often everyone folded to your raise of a continuation bet. In my case, in 47% everyone folded on the flop when I raised someone's continuation bet.

One Villain Call, Flop shows how often exactly one opponent calls your raise. In my case, I got called 37% of the time.

Villain 3-Bet shows how often you got raised. In my case, I faced a reraise on the flop in 15% of cases.

Next block show how profitable my raise was.

Report stats: action profit

The EV, or Expected Value was 14 big blinds per each raise. If it was negative, then I would need to change my raising strategy. Read more about it in our Action Profit guide.

Report stats: Fold to 3-bet

These stats show how often I folded, called and raised a re-raise, i.e. 3-bet, on the flop after I raised a continuation bet.

Report stats: Missed 2nd barrel

Missed 2nd Barrel refers to how often I checked the turn after being called on the flop. Similar to other stats in the report, Hand2Note considers only those hands where I raised a continuation bet on the flop.

2nd Barrel shows that I bet turn after getting called on the flop in 64% cases. And, according to the 3rd Barrel value, I continued to bet on the river 48% of the time after getting called on the turn.

The Call Profit Rate is an interesting one.

Report stats: call profit rate

It shows how many big blinds I win when I call a continuation bet instead of raising it. I earn 3.7 big blinds every time I call a continuation bet on the flop. Compare this value to the Action Profit of raising, which is 14 big blinds per hand. I definitely should consider raising a wider range on the flop, as it’s more profitable.

Learn more about Action Profit in our Spot EV guide.

Report stats: amount won

Won shows how much you won in the filtered hands. I won 778.9$ in the hands where I raised a continuation bet. Note that, in contrast to Action Profit, it doesn’t tell me that my raise was actually profitable.

EV diff. stands for Expected Value Difference. I was 49.69$ luckier in all-ins after I raised a continuation bet.

Dispersion, bbs is an interesting stat. The higher dispersion the bigger are swings: You could win big, but you could also lose big. 39.45 big blinds is a high dispersion. For example, the dispersion of an open raise is three times lower for me, equating to 13 big blinds.

Report stats: Won frequency

Won hand shows me that in 80% of times I won the hand after I raised a continuation bet. In 29% of cases I went to the showdown (WTSD). I won the showdown (W%SD) in 71% of hands where I went to the showdown.

Go even farther

With Faced Next and Next Actions report you can easily navigate between related spots.

Next actions report

Read more about it in our Report Navigation guide.

Frequently Asked Question

Do smart reports work with a custom filter?

Yes, smart reports do work with a custom filter. Hand2Note selects a set of related stats based on the filter definition, and this is not limited to just a predefined set of filters.

Can I add custom stats to the report?

Not yet, but the ability to add a custom stat into reports is on our roadmap. Stay tuned!

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