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Custom Filter in Reports

Many poker pros find the Custom Filter feature as the standout element in the latest Hand2Note release. With this feature, Hand2Note has got the most flexible filtering system among all poker reporting software.

Usually, you select filters from a set of predefined filters or options. But what if you need something much more detailed and precise? In this case, the Custom Filter comes in handy.

For example, in this article, I'll filter the following hands:

  • I made a continuation bet in a raised pot
  • I was heads-up on flop
  • My bet sizing was half a pot
  • I did it against a regular player
A regular player in poker is someone who plays the game often, possibly every day or several times a week. They are usually more experienced, especially in contrast to recreational players, who might only play once in a while.

1. Press the “+ Filter” button to open the Filter Dialog.

Add filter button

2. In the filter dialog click the “+ Custom Filter” button.

Add Custom Filter

3. Add Player Raises action

Add Player Raises action
The interface for filtering hands is similar to the one used to create custom stats. Essentially, a hands filter defines a stat. Hand2Note can calculate all the data required for that stat based on the filter and the given set of hands.

This filter selects every hand where the player made a raise on the preflop.

There are few details we need to specify:

  • This was the first raise on the preflop
  • There were no more raises on the preflop

4. Select the 'Player Raises' action and enable two options:

  • Last player’s action on street guarantees that this was the last raise on the street (otherwise, the player would need to at least fold)
  • First raise on street guarantees that we will be in a raised pot on the flop. 3-bet, 4-bet, etc., pots are filtered out.
Set open raise filter

5. Add Villain Calls action and set the ‘Reg or Fish’ option to Is Reg which stands for Is Regular Player.

Select only regular players
FAQ. Why do we need to include only bets against regular players?
Because people might play very differently against weak amateur players compared to regular players like you. In real-life scenarios, we want to figure out how others play against people with similar experience and skills to ours.

6. Now it’s time to move on to the flop action. Select the Flop.

Select Flop action

7. Set the ‘Initial player count’ to 2.

Set Heads-Up on Flop

This filters out all hands with three or more players on the flop. Only heads-up situations are included.

8. Add the Player Bet action to the flop.

Add Player Bet

9. Select the Player Bets action and set Bet size / Pot in range from 0.45 to 0.55.

Set half pot bet sizing

This selects only the hands where the player bet an amount equal to half of the pot.

10. The filter is ready. Press Apply and the report shows up.

Custom filter report

There are a few key points about Hand2Note here.

First, Hand2Note works fast. Even with millions of hands in the database, it applies a custom filter in seconds.

Second, Hand2Note computes a bunch of additional stats based on the filtered hands. This includes stats like how often everyone folded to your bet, how often you folded to a raise, and dozens of other stats. We call this feature 'Smart Reports.' Read more about it in our Smart Reports Guide.

As an exercise, include only the hands where the opponent had a stack size of 90 big blinds or more. This will exclude situations where the selected player in the report decided to bet half of the pot just because their opponent had a smaller stack size.

Stats Customization

Smart Reports

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